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SHARPN is a consultancy that focuses on high-stakes business documents. So you can craft your message, and we can make it hit home hard.

We work predominantly in standard Microsoft Office tools. Which means largely PowerPoint and Excel – and we understand the reality of how they are used in businesses, large and small.

Why we exist

Organisations tend to communicate and capture complex information in slide decks. That is no bad thing: slides make you divide your message up into manageable bites, and that aids understanding. But PowerPoint was originally built as a presentation – rather than a documentation – tool: it was designed to create slides you can stand up and speak to.

So it's hard to create lengthy, complicated decks and still maintain a sense of consistency and narrative flow. Often the decks will be read in isolation, so it takes work to get your key points across unambiguously.

This is where we come in

Having spent years helping clients with their strategy, delivery and operations, we founded SHARPN to concentrate on making these materials better: Easier to understand. Harder to forget.

Steve Rowland

Who we are

SHARPN was founded by Steve Rowland. He believes that a little extra time and effort on the visual layout of a document can make a huge difference to the outcomes. And that you don't need to be a graphic designer to begin to make immediate improvements.

Steve worked as a management consultant for 20 years. This is where he developed his expertise at articulating complex topics in a compelling way. He has helped a range of companies including global consumer goods companies, manufacturers, telcos, broadcasters, retail companies and public sector organisations. He has created strategies, implemented systems, and delivered change. And he has worked with many different functions including technology, marketing, finance, e-commerce, customer development and HR.

Steve was also a teacher for five years, which is why he is skilled at providing an excellent learning and coaching experience.

We'd love to talk to you about how we can help. Email us at info@sharpn.co.uk or click the button to use our contact form.

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