PowerPoint coaching

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If you are a regular PowerPoint user but want to 'raise your game' then our one-to-one coaching can make a real difference. Perhaps you want to make an impression with higher-quality deliverables. Maybe you are looking to become quicker and more productive. In fact, we know that both aspects are important: better productivity frees up the time to spend on increasing quality.

We'll work with you on documents you are currently producing so you get support and ideas that are completely relevant and immediately useful. With 20 years' experience in management consultancy, we'll be able to help with the structure and language of your decks — as well as impactful layouts and visuals. And of course you'll learn a host of tips, tricks, techniques and tools along the way.

Think of it as drip-feed 1:1 training, centred around what you need, when you need it. And always connected to what you are working on.

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