Create Compelling slide decks

Slides have become the default format for business documents: strategies, delivery approaches, operating models and other critical, complicated content.
But does a standard PowerPoint deck do the job effectively? Do the people reading your slides find it easy to understand the messages? And, most importantly, will they remember the key points you need them to?

Let SHARPN help you

The most compelling slides — the ones that pack a real punch – are often very simple. Even when they are explaining a nuanced, complicated situation. We have expertise in communicating the heart of the matter – so your slides can pack a real punch.
You'll get clean layouts without informational 'noise'. And visual cues that signpost themes and underline your meaning. And because we are experienced in talking about the complicated ideas you need to get across, we can help you shape the message.
If you have data that is part of the story, we can present it in a way that helps to drive the narrative, rather than causing people to scratch their heads, or draw the wrong conclusions.
Our decks cut through the complexity. And your stakeholders will thank you for that.
Steve helped us pull together a number of decks to engage senior stakeholders with some of our most important global programmes.
Steve is a pleasure to work with and the standard of his output is very high. He can easily engage with a variety of complicated business and technical discussions – and then distil the essence into a deck that communicates the key points clearly and effectively. Plus he is outcome-driven and great at working to deadlines and budgets.
Nick Wright | Chief Technology Officer Innovation & Engineering | Dentsu
Steve is an insightful and valuable thought partner. His years of experience as a senior consultant means he offers value far beyond visual communications expertise. He knows what simple yet deep questions to ask, gently provoking thought, to help critically review the matter at hand. He really helps one see things differently. His advice added great value to our performance strategy implementation plans.
Steve took a complex subject and in just a couple of conversations was able to translate this into a remarkably accessible graphic. This translated a multi-layered strategic framework into one simple visual that would quickly make sense to different audiences. He is considerate and patient with the complexities that organisations can face and the iterations that can occur before one arrives at a resolution.
An absolute pleasure to work with!
Pria Rai | Executive Director of Organisational Effectiveness and Change | Reach to Teach

Slide Services

Icon of light bulb leading to three different slides.

Slide deck creation

Got a complicated concept to explain? We will work with you from the beginning to draft a powerful narrative and turn it into an impactful set of slides.

Slide refinement

Got a document that isn't making your message stick? We will make the complexity accessible and memorable – delivering it with the impact that you need.

Functional Templates

Does your standard template not work for detailed documents? Do you need a specific layout for something? We will build a usable layout you can use again and again.

Example document types we can help with...
  • Business strategy
  • Vision Statement
  • Operating Model
  • Change management approach
  • Steering Group Update
  • Plan-on-a-page
  • Programme Team Structure
  • Options Assessment
  • Technology landscape
  • Architecture assessment
  • IT support model
  • Delivery approach
  • Scope definition
  • Process model
  • Readiness assessment
  • SWOT
  • IT strategy
  • Organisation charts
  • Communication plan
  • Communication materials
  • Training materials
  • How-to guides
  • Group presentations
  • Quizzes
  • Whole team updates
  • Lessons learned
  • Cutover plan
  • Testing progress
  • Sprint plan
  • Solution Train Definition
  • Deployment plan
  • Regional strategy
  • Budget spend summary
  • Day in the life of...
  • Data migration approach
  • High-level data model
  • Roadmap
  • Case for change

We'd love to talk to you about how we can help. Why not book a call to chat through it with us face-to-face? Or fill out our contact form and we'll get right back to you.