Do you work in a professional or corporate setting? Do you write everything down in PowerPoint? Do you worry that your documents don't reflect well on you?

We're creating a masterclass that turns 22 years of experience into an in-depth online course that you can work through at your own speed. Learn how to create clear, compelling deliverables for complex, critical content. And how to get faster and more efficient.

hours of 4K video
homework exercises
assessments with feedback
reusable tools and templates

Backed up with a community where you can seek inspiration and share examples, and watch live redesigns from member submissions.

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Does the quality of your slides undermine the quality of your thinking? Do you find that endless bullet points don’t land your message, but you’re not sure what to do instead? And do you find it frustrating and time-consuming working with PowerPoint?

We can teach you how to create slides that look better and have more impact – and how to be faster at building great content. Our training framework has three key objectives:

An eye with a brain where the pupil would be

Why visual communications works

A finger with a ribbon tied around it, as if to remember something

Four habits
to increase impact

A mouse with a fast-forward symbol on it

Using PowerPoint
more effectively

The training is aimed at professionals who frequently use slide decks as documents to convey important, detailed subjects. Documents which may be read independently, so which need to be clear and memorable for your stakeholders.

Our courses are designed for people who already know how to use PowerPoint, but want to learn to use it more effectively. If you are looking for 1:1 tailored training, check out our Coaching offer.

What's included

Interactive teaching

Engaging classroom sessions from a highly experienced trainer – I have trained hundreds of professionals

Hands-on practice

Regular exercises to try the tips and techniques and to start to build the new habits

Complex concepts

Aimed at people who need to communicate critical, complicated information

Relevant examples

Demonstrating techniques using your branded templates

Detailed handout

Extensive PDF notes provided, plus reusable tools

1:1 follow-up

60 minutes for each attendee to use however they wish
  • His DELTA mindset framework is brilliant, it’s a key takeaway for me. And the one-to-one follow-up call is an awesome bonus.
  • A great session – packed with novel tricks, tips and examples tailored to us. It will definitely make me more efficient at PowerPoint.
  • Very relaxed and natural presenting style that built great rapport, and maintained energy and enthusiasm throughout – no mean feat for a facilitator! Seriously impressive.
Various Consultants | Lancia Consult
  • I definitely feel better equipped to deliver clear and concise PowerPoint documents with less effort – it’s going to save me hours of time!
  • I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues – I have been passing on tips to my boss!
  • I would absolutely recommend this course to people who use PowerPoint on a frequent basis.
Various Consultants | The Berkeley Partnership
Steve delivered several sessions focused on improving visual communication of information for our staff, centered around knowledge and skills associated with PowerPoint. His sessions were incredibly well-designed and delivered. Content was tailored specifically to our audience, visually impactful, memorable, and received excellent feedback from attendees.
Overall, I was most impressed with his ability to adapt and tailor his session to our brief, his talent with presenting and working with the audience, and how considered his course design was to support our learners within and following the session.
I would highly recommend Steve to any firm looking to support their employees in making their presentations more effective and engaging.
CHRISTIAN PAPWORTH | Academy Manager - Technology
Mishcon de ReYA LLP
Steve is a great trainer and facilitated workshops for our London and India teams on visual communications, which were very well-received. The workshops were very generous in their offering. It gave participants an overview of design and visual optimisation and an enhanced understanding of how information is perceived, as well as a hands-on section on the tricks and tools in PowerPoint to help make slides more impactful.
I would definitely recommend it.
Pria Rai | Executive Director of Organisation Effectiveness & Change | Reach to Teach

Sample Syllabus

We usually provide full-day courses or 2-hours introductory sessions, but we can develop a course to fit the time you have. We can tailor the content to match the experience of your team and development areas you want to focus on. And of course we can train in-person or remotely.

Have a look at the example syllabus for the full-day courses below.

Impactful Slides

  • How our brain interprets & processes visual information
  • The role of memory in driving the outcomes you need
  • SHARPN habits framework
  • Decluttering to remove ‘noise’ and focus on the right points
  • Tidying to increase the perception of quality
  • Emphasising the right points to make them memorable
  • Linking on and across slides for a clear narrative flow
  • Productivity: tips to make using PowerPoint easier and quicker
  • Text formatting tools and techniques to aid clarity
  • Using colour to improve impact and raise quality
  • Careful use of icons to emphasise meaning and link key points
  • Drawing tips for diagrams that communicate effectively
  • Subtle animations and transitions to help readers
  • Using photos and illustrations
  • Visual metaphors to help decode complex topics
  • A brief introduction to using Slide Masters
  • Summary & close

Better Charts

  • The benefits of data visualisation: why we use charts
  • SHARPN habits framework
  • Decluttering charts to remove ‘noise’ and focus on the data
  • Tidying charts so they are easier to interpret
  • Emphasising key data points to clarify the conclusions
  • Adding narrative so the data can support the story
  • Best practice and tips for basic chart types
  • Making sure that charts do not lie
  • Using colour with intention
  • Advanced chart formatting tips
  • Formatting data tables to highlight patterns
  • Creating simple infographic-style data slides
  • Workflow tips: wrangling Excel and PowerPoint
  • Summary & close

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