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SHARPN is a visual communications consultancy.

We create clear, compelling materials for complex, critical information.

We provide training in high-impact PowerPoint documents and effective data visualisation.

Impactful communication is both visual and verbal. Steve’s support has shown how getting the visual right supports the narrative around what can be complex and intricate issues. His extensive experience means he quickly gets to the heart of what is needed and understands what works when producing documentation for presenting in a range of scenarios.
A powerful combination that leads to much better engagement and outcomes.
Jonathan Wintle | Group Performance Manager - Projects | AB Sugar
As an ex-management consultant, I thought I was pretty handy with PowerPoint – until I started working with Steve. He showed me another level of what can be done to make PowerPoint deliverables more impactful, more professional and more functional. Some of the features that Steve has built into our report templates are significantly more sophisticated than I thought PowerPoint was capable of.
With Steve’s help, our digital maturity benchmarking and insight reports have a production quality that allows our customers to more easily absorb the rich and complex data and insight that they contain – and the feedback has been incredibly positive.
Phil Spratt | CEO | Deltabase
  • You have made a great impact you have made with the team – I am constantly seeing decks that are of such higher quality than they were a few months ago – all have without a doubt been Sharpn’d!
  • His DELTA mindset framework is brilliant, it’s a key takeaway for me. And the one-to-one follow-up call is an awesome bonus.
  • A great session – packed with novel tricks, tips and examples tailored to us. It will definitely make me more efficient at PowerPoint.
  • Very relaxed and natural presenting style that built great rapport, and maintained energy and enthusiasm throughout – no mean feat for a facilitator! Seriously impressive.
Various Consultants | Lancia Consult
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Get your point across

When you’ve got a critical case to make, we will make your content really land the message.

Keep stakeholders engaged

When you’ve got a complex topic to explain, we will make it easy to understand – and hard to forget.

Set the standard

When you need crisp, clear documents that make a real impression, we will sharpen them up.

Raise your game

When you want to learn how to improve your documents, we can teach you and your people.

What makes SHARPN different?

We are not a presentation design agency. We are a consultancy with deep experience in business documents: slide decks, spreadsheets and word documents.

Deep experience

Over 20 years of consultancy experience across multiple industries and business functions means we are experts at conveying complicated topics.

Critical thinking

We consider the whole situation, not just the words on the slides. So you get a sounding board and constructive challenge.

Quick starter

Our experience means we understand complex business and technical concepts. So you won't need to explain things twice.

Fully editable

Created in standard Microsoft tools using your corporate templates, so you own the original. Not like a design agency who’ll probably use Adobe tools.

Flexible service

You decide whether to work with us to build the whole narrative, or just let us improve a completed draft. Or anywhere in between.

Tailored training

We will adjust our courses to suit your needs. And each attendee receives 1:1 follow-up to help them with real work.

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Impactful Slide Documents

Do your people use PowerPoint regularly but need to improve the quality of their output? Are you seeing too many bullet-heavy slides that don't have the impact that you need?

Our Impactful Slide Documents training will build habits that result in documents that are easier to read and harder to forget. And provide lots of tips and techniques for using PowerPoint more effectively.

Better Charts

Does your team produce charts in PowerPoint or Excel that don't help to tell the story they are supporting? Or worse: charts that confuse the reader or make them work too hard to draw a conclusion?

Our Better Charts training will teach you how to create simple, clear charts that are easy to understand and easy to believe.

In person or remote

We can of course provide group training in person where possible or remotely via videoconferencing. Contact us to discuss your training needs.

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Does your PowerPoint template give you a headache?

Do you struggle with creating high-quality, consistent documents with your current PowerPoint template? Is it time-consuming, frustrating or just generally counterproductive?

We can create a better template

Let us build you a template with a host of useful, functional templates that provide consistent alignment and standardised text styles – all aligned to your brand.

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Websites we use

People often ask where we go for photos, icons and so on. So we've pulled together a list of all the (mainly free) stuff that we like. You can even import the whole set of bookmarks into your browser.

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