A collage of most of the logos of the websites referred to in the article
A collage of most of the logos of the websites referred to in the article

Websites we like: free (or great value) resources and tools

Where can I find good icons?” is a question we hear on a regular basis. Or photos, or vector illustrations. Or colour tools. And so on. So we’ve created a list of our recommended sites and tools. You can find it here.

Screenshot of recommended sites, showing 9 different suggestions

Criteria for making the list

This list is meant for people who use PowerPoint to create professional documents; people who don’t normally use – or even have access to – other graphic design tools. With that in mind, our key criteria for including a site are:

  1. A decent range of free items – or a price that represents great value. We know that many people may have to meet the cost out of their own pocket. So no high-cost monthly subscriptions.
  2. SVG downloads available for icons and other vectors – so you can drag and drop straight into PowerPoint. You don’t want to have to be converting Adobe Illustrator or Postscript file formats.
  3. Straightforward website with minimal advertising. This includes easy search and filter functionality. Nobody wants to track down their perfect icon only to find at the last step that you need a paid subscription.

Don't forget…

...that there is already a great set of icons and images built into PowerPoint. And if you work for an organisation, try talking to your Marketing team: they may have a paid subscription to various resource libraries that you can get access to.

Have we missed any?

If you have a favourite site you think should be on the list, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for new stuff!

The only question that remains is: why are so many of these logos black…?

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March 26, 2021

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