Data visualisation is a language

Good graphs are great for conveying information in a memorable way. But get it wrong, and it can be really hard for people to draw the right conclusion. Or worse: impossible to understand what you are trying to say.
Do you have a sea of data on your organisation's operational effectiveness – but no way of quickly seeing how it is performing against its priorities? You need a dashboard that packs a lot into a a simple, accessible view.
Or perhaps you have programme metrics to guide your stakeholders, but they aren't having enough impact on the decisions that are made.

Tell a better data story

The right data visualisation can communicate even complex information very powerfully. But you don't necessarily need a data scientist or a report designer to illustrate the impact of the numbers. You need someone who can show the data in a way that makes the point hit home as part of the wider narrative.

We can help you turn your data into charts which land your message powerfully. And most of the time we'll use PowerPoint and Excel so you can update – and reuse – them easily.

Data Services

Icon of a simple dashboard with four different chart types

Succinct dashboards

Trying to pull together a simple status view of complex data? Need to get a lot of information across quickly and clearly? We'll build a dashboard that separates the meaning from the noise so you can make sound decisions.

Image of a maze overlaid with a bar chart that illustrates the path through.

Powerful visualisations

Need your data to help land a point? We will use standard Microsoft tools to create charts that are clean, clear and persuasive. And we can use other tools for eye-catching visualisations.

Icon of a spreadsheet overlaid with gears

Smart spreadsheets

Struggling with complicated data sets? Finding it hard to maintain data integrity without a large maintenance overhead? We will construct spreadsheets that take the stress out of staying on top of your data.

Example data types we can help with...
  • Organisational performance dashboard
  • Business Case
  • RACI Matrix
  • Risk and issues log
  • Backlog
  • Training Log
  • Comms Plan
  • Programme Status Dashboard
  • Rollout progress tracker
  • Task list
  • RAID Log
  • Recruitment tracker
  • Process Inventory
  • Requirements
  • Action and to-dos tracker
  • Budget forecast
  • Meeting log
  • Data Definition
  • Team list

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