If you want to make it crystal clear that stakeholders need to make a decision, try a playing card motif

A before and after view of a simple bar chart that starts with default PowerPoint chart formatting and ends up looking far more professional

When you want your charts to look sleek and professional. Not like you've done a screengrab from Excel.

Article title plus demonstration of what these labels will look like

If the built-in PowerPoint callout shapes aren't doing it for you, try this simple alternative.

Title of article plus animation of a shape changing

There's a command tucked away that could save you a lot of time and effort

An example column chart built with icons

Using icons to build bar charts creates a simple infographic. And you can do it right inside PowerPoint charts.

Title of article written as text fitted into a circle, triangle and hexagon respectively

Do you want a circle with text that follows the shape? Use this really simple hack.

Animation of a pencil erasing the bullet points against three paragraphs. The paragraphs then separate to create white space.

If you’ve been blithely putting bullet points on every paragraph, it’s time to stop. Learn why – and how.

Article title plus short animation of a diagram moving from a PDF file to a PowerPoint slide

When there is a diagram in a PDF that you want to copy into your slides, this trick is what you need.

A collage of most of the logos of the websites referred to in the article

There are some fantastic resources out there. Here's our starter list.

Article title plus brief animation of three bullet points morphing to three columns

Presenting a short list of points as bullets can be difficult to read. There is another way.

Examples of black and white headshots in circular coloured boxes. Plus an animation of the steps.

Create consistent, classy headshots from any type of photo

A slide containing various Post-it note and sticker shapes. This slide is the one available for download at the bottom of the article.

Quickly create a 'sticky' note with a standard PowerPoint shape.

Image containing the title of this article plus an icon of a computer mouse with a fast-forward symbol on it

If you’re not using the Quick Access Toolbar, you’ll soon wonder how you managed without it

Animated sequence showing the three text case permutations that Shift+F3 cycles through

An easy timesaver you’ll use time and time again

Article title set against a backdrop that is divided diagonally into two different colours to illustrate what the article is referring to

How to use the gradient fill to create a simple, binary colour change

A GANTT-style simplified plan summarising the key changes in the England roadmap out of lockdown published in March 2021

We've summarised all the key dates for England lockdown easing onto a single page